Background Information
Origin Lexington, Kentucky
Genre Alternative rock, pop, pop rock, post-hardcore, metalcore (early)
Years active 2006-present
Website https://emarosa.merchdirect.com/
First Warped Date June 25, 2010
Most Recent Warped Date August 13, 2016
Bradley Walden
ER White
Matthew Marcellus
Robert Joffred
Former Members
Chris Roetter
Mike Bryant
Gabe Wozniak
Madison Stolzer
Jonny Craig
Lukas Koszewski
Jonas Ladekjaer
Will Sowers
Jordan Stewart

Biography[edit | edit source]

Emarosa is an American alternative rock band, and former post-hardcore band, from Lexington, Kentucky. The band currently consists of founding member and lead guitarist ER White, as well as lead vocalist Bradley Walden, bass guitarist Robert Joffred, and rhythm guitarist Matthew Marcellus. The band's first Warped Tour was in 2010 appearing on the Ernie Ball Stage for the whole tour. They returned five years later in 2015 appearing on the first half of the tour on the Hard Rock Kevin Says Stage and the following year on the Poseidon Stage.

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