My Chemical Romance logo.png
Background Information
Origin Newark, New Jersey
Genre Alternative rock, emo, pop punk, post-hardcore, punk rock, hard rock
Years active 2001–2013
First Warped Date June 25, 2004
Most Recent Warped Date August 15, 2005
Gerard Way
Ray Toro
Mikey Way
Frank Iero
Former Members
Matt Pelissier
Bob Bryar
James Dewees

My Chemical Romance (commonly abbreviated MCR or shortened to My Chem) is an American rock band from Newark, New Jersey. The band's current lineup consists of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, and bassist Mikey Way.

The band first appeared on the first half of Warped Tour 2004 on the Maurice Stage and returned in 2005 for the whole tour on the Bishop Stage.

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