Stradlatter, a melodic post-hardcore/metal band from Long Island, NY. Stradlatter’s unique sound, songwriting, and playing style was what they were known for. Mixing melody, hard rock, hardcore, and metal into a unified body of music.

Stradlatter formed in 1999.  The members of the band grew up with each other. In the early 2,000's a loyal local following emerged in the diverse and well known Long Island music scene. In 2003 the band recorded their frist EP entitled Miles From An Untold Story, with producer Chris Gibson ( Glassjaw, Saves The Day, Deftones). The EP was put on myspace, which was a big social network for bands at the time. The 4 track EP was a hit amongst people from all over the world, and it grew their local long island fan base to larger numbers and spilled into the New York City hardcore scene. Often selling out the venue’s they played.  After the EP release, the band was signed to indie label Rock Out Records. The band continued playing and writing new material.

The band was prepping for a full-length album release in 2006 with national record distribution in major outlets like best buy, and because of this their record label made them change their name due to another band having the same name with albums on digital distribution outlets like i-Tunes. For a brief period of time they played under the name Jada Bloom. The band never wanted to change their name and only did as a formality for their record label. The band’s fans still called them Stradlatter.

Stradlatter was active pre mobile revolution, when many didn’t have cameras. Most of their history in the years they were popular has gone virtually undocumented.


Miles From an Untold Story EP

2006 one take live demos ( recorded at General Studio's Queens NY)

Radio Features: K-Rock NY, WBAB, Long Island.

Notable shows/tours:

The Vans Warped Tour 2005 ECI Stage, Randall’s Island, NY.

The Vans Warped Tour 2006. Southern ledge of the United States on the ECI Stage, under the band name Jada Bloom.

The Down Town

CBGB’S various dates/sold out shows before the venue closed.

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